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Architects, interior decorators,
furniture dealers, large accounts: let's talk.

an image from Yaky's showcase. Yaky loves to deal with private Customers – both those met online and those who visit our European street stores – and takes pride in the efficiency of its one-on-one customer service approach.

Yet, our customer base comprises architects and interior decorators (who might want to include yaky furniture and objects into their residential and/or projects), furniture dealers and shopowners (who might like to expose or resell Yaky products), real estate owners (who might plan to furnish their property with a consistent quantity of Yaky pieces).

If you are one of the above, or for some other reason are interested in discussing special prices on large scale supplies of Yaky products, dealer agreements or container-based price quotes, let's talk.

Please contact us via mail at; your enquiry will be given prompt attention.