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In the wake of heritage.

an image from yaky's collection Over the years, Yaky has established a reliable network of suppliers for antiques.

Moreover, Yaky principals and staff frequently travel across China and the rest of Asia, assisted by a passionate group of experts, to recover outstanding pieces from the nooks and crannies where they were hiding, and make them available to a growing international customer base.

A quite large stock of Yaky antiques dates back to the Qing period (1644 - 1912). Yet, the collection spans through aeons. Neolithic jades and statues, ancient figurines of horses and dignitaries, ritual implements used by ancient civilizations to worship their divinities. At reasonable rates, Yaky offers invaluable pieces whose authenticity is certified by most authoritative experties.

Equally important, all Yaky pieces have been authorized for export by the Chinese Cultural Heritage Ministry authorities; yaky deplores any form of plundering of the cultural heritage — of any country.

Recap: whether you're looking for an all-time classic, like the bride's wardrobe, a brass-carved Qing Cabinet à la Ming, or a definitely unique jade sherman from the Neolithic, the collection of Yaky antiques is the place to look.

If it is worth noting how Chinese and Asian furniture making has evolved through the Centuries and has been contaminated by Western trends (such as the art Deco), the traditional Chinese elements predominate throughout history: simple outlines, gently carved patterns (with strongly symbolic meanings), lacquer.