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Darning the wear of time.

an image from yaky's collection Classical Chinese and Asian furniture, antiquities, religious and ritual implements from the remote past are unique objects that emanate an energy all of their own at first sight, touch, feel.

Age adds to their appeal.

Yet, healing the scars left by time is crucial to bringing back the original splendor.

Yaky relies on a network of restorers that apply the Feng Shui method to furniture repair, restoration and preservation.

Yaky takes pride in using only natural products and materials, selected carefully on the basis of thorough compatibility with every single item to restore.

Wood in particular deserves a particular degree of care; it is a "breathing" material that adapts to changes in the environment. After restoration of a piece — or part of a piece — Yaky suggests sparing it sudden temperature and humidity changes. This can be considered a rule of thumb for the conservation of furniture in general.