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A track beaten by Masters.

an image from yaky's collection Yaky has chosen to reproduce pieces of Asian classical furniture because the skill of the Asian masters is yet to be surpassed.

Clean design, aged woods of unparalleled quality, no glues or nails used to assemble the piece.

Yaky reproductions leave virtually no environmental footprint, as all woods come from traditional Chinese houses demolished in compliance with new town planning schemes. Whereas some of these models are often to be found in Asian dwellings, others are virtually impossible to find. Some are even derived from ancient projects, found and filed by Yaky until modern creativity finds a way to adapt them to today's needs.

When our customers buy a Yaky reproduction, they are sure of owning a very exclusive piece of furniture, made of precious aged woods and built according to the principles of the Feng Shui philosophy, that puts universal harmony at the core of its goals.

A Chinese showcase originally used to display jade figurines of tutelar gods becomes a stylish bookcase with asymmetrical shelves.

A CD rack derived from a traditional medicine cabinet with multiple drawers where Chinese physicians would keep their precious healing herbs and blends.

A rice bowl turned into a lamp.

A roll holder, used to expose Chinese rolls of great value, becomes the low table 'Scroll'.

These are but a few examples from our huge catalog of reproductions. Check out the relevant gallery to see with your own eyes.