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Fits like a glove.

an image from yaky's collection Choosing to commission Yaky custom made furniture has unquestionable advantages.

Yaky craftsmen allow true customization, from measures down to finish — offering the same uncompromizing quality as in classical Asian furniture reproductions.

If you want to add that very personal detail to a piece, make yourself at home. Plus, Yaky custom made creations are designed, built and finished according to Feng Shui. Not only are they durable and good looking. They feel good, literally filling rooms with positivity.

Limited use of glue and nails. Only natural materials. Traditional Chinese construction techniques, an accuracy that redefines the tightest quality control standards, used to achieve results that are the most tailored to the needs of our Customers.

Yaky offers thorough customization — and that special Yaky touch'n'feel.

While top quality is understood, Yaky production units in Asia can grant a fairly quick turnaround. Orders can be handled — from order receipt to curbside delivery — in 60 to 90 days.